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Ned pages 1 through 10
page one
pnl 1:
Ned, (a demon whos only demonic trait are the big bat wings on his back) is sitting against a stone wall that appears to be apart of some kind of industrial system such as a rain water drainage system, news paper open as he reads through it with only passing interest. Sydney, a red haired angel is standing next to him and spray painting on the wall with a big happy grin
(narates) Ned: My name is nedistapio, but most call me Ned, you may be wondering what it is I'm doing here reading a news paper and who this red head in the robe is spray painting my wall.
pnl 2:
Ned turning the page of his news paper as Sydney continues to paint.
(narates) Ned: funny story that is. You see, we're kinda special. I'm a demon from hell who likes to help people
pnl 3:
Ned looks at the red haired angel whos is smiling as she looks at her work and points to it.
Sid: #*&@!%#@
Pnl 4:
Ned looks at the wall with bemused interest as he allows the newspaper to droop in his hands some.
Ned: (narrati
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A space Horror Chapter 2
The gypsy shook slightly as it neared its destination. 150 yards in length and oval in shape, at least as oval as a ship can get when its hull is covered in clunky engines, maneuvering jets, and other equipment that a ship might need. It could get the job done but it was by no means "pretty". It's cargo bay was lined with seats, all facing the same direction. Jacob shook a bit as the ship changed course on its final approach. His eye searching the hold until a man who's rank insignia indicated a leuitenent entered the bay. He seemed rather thin, his face a pattern of scars as what little hair on his head seemed to only grow in tuffs around the scars that covered his head too.
"Allright gents! Pay attention! My names Luetinent Gibson. I'm the guy who's gonna be in charge of this operation and as of this minute we're going to be changing objectives and every troopers load out." his voice booming through the room and surprising every one that a voice of that size could come from such a th
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A Space Horror Chapter 1
Jacob stared a bit blankly at the screen. "Brother? Private Jacob Anderson of the Alterian planet side guard reporting as requested. Brother please specify why I was called here..."
The computer screen sat blank for a few more moments before flickering to life. Text starting to flow across the screen  as Jacob started to scratch his head. The empty round room rang with the clicks of unseen computer parts he sat in his seat. Then as suddenly as the clicks had begun they stopped leaving him alone in the sound proofed room to read his orders.
"Private Jacob, your orders are as follows:
1.Report to space dock six to board the space transport "Gypsy"
2.Board "Gypsy" and assist the crew in any way your commanding officer deems appropriate.
3.Upon arrival at orbital station "Cheddar" you are to assist in resupply, repair, and peace keeping until further notified. Your commanding officer will determine what steps need to be taken in order to fulfill those three objectives.
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A letter to jesus
Dear Jesus
I would like to request you have your birthday on another day. I hold no qualms against you however it is very close to my birthday. This can cause quite a problem. Have you ever had someone ignore your special day just so they can go out and celebrate the birth of the savior of all humanity? Its kinda hard to be angry about that and actually sound like you have a good point. Most people just tell me "stop complaining, its Jesus birthday! He saved everyone, what'd you ever do?" Sadly working a day shift just does not stack up to dieing for everybodys sin. So that is why I would like to request you move your birthday so that we can both have our special day and not get in each others way. I ask you do it cause you are better equipped to do that since you are all powerful. It's actually really hard to change time and even more difficult to do if all you have is a stapler and a couple of wrenches. I know because of all the times I've failed to rewind history and relive the mid
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Mature content
First ten pages of apocolypse :iconbythepoweroftvsfrank:ByThePowerOfTVsFrank 0 0
Why france is at fault for war
Late one night a friend got ultra drunk. However instead of turning incredibly annoying he instead decided to explain how France caused nearly every war in history. I haven't looked up the validity behind all of the claims but by god if what he said is true then its hard to argue with his logic. So I present to you everything I can recall him saying. I don't hate France but perhaps you will be amused
Why the french are at fault for almost every war ever.
Afghanistan: French are totally at fault for this one. Why? Cause all those Taliban are using Russian weapons? Exactly! Maybe if France had pulled up its pants in world war two and done anything  we could have beat Germany without help from the Russians. Had we been able to then Russia would have never gotten a lot of the stuff it used to become a huge super power during the soviet era. Henceforth not being a superpower there wouldn't be tons of weapons lying around once they collapsed, meaning no ability for afghans to fight
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Artist | Literature
United States


Sex: Guy

Likes: Robots, pirates, old books and recordings, sequential art, bugging people, and playing cards

Dislikes: mtv, people who take art too serious, hot days, and not having people to talk to and play cards with

Current Residence: Marietta GA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large?
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Shell of choice: Turtle
Favourite cartoon character: Ed, Edd, and Eddy
Personal Quote: Its like that except better.....cause its on fire!
Oh thank you god that I've got internet access back.......sorta. Heres the thing, I dont have internet access with sound. My PC was kinda killed by another virus. I've managed to get a bit of access back by slaving for a few hours and fixing an old broken one. Course it could be asked why I didnt fix the one I was using and the answer is simple. The older one has a CD drive and can be easily reformated. So yeah, I'm sorta back
  • Listening to: Three doors down
  • Reading: Vampire the masquerade rule book
  • Playing: Dead Space
  • Drinking: Water


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